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Teaser settings and explanation

What is a teaser?

A teaser is a small icon, text or image shown in the corner of the screen after a display has been closed. The teaser allows users to re-open displays after dismissing them once. Teasers tend to greatly increase conversion rates as many users will close displays as a knee-jerk reaction and realize after engaging with content that they actually were interested in the special offer / deal / newsletter / etc.

An image of a gift box used as a teaser.

Enabling or disabling a teaser

To enable the teaser, switch to teaser mode in the editor and turn the teaser switch on. To disable turn the switch off.

Automatically maximize the popup from the teaser

If you would like the display to periodically re-appear please use the 'Display should re-open after' dropdown to choose how often the full display should be shown.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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