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Customising the spin to win (coupon wheel)

Many parts of the spin to win wheel can be customized, to start customizing click the settings tab then click 'configure wheel' or simply click directly on the wheel itself.

When the modal editor window opens you can change the following values:

The color of each segment / slice.
The label displayed on each slice.
The reward or coupon given if the slice is won. Click edit to change coupon type or change to a 'no discount' losing slice.
The chance of winning each slice.
Reset the chances to an even ( = 100%) value.
The text to be displayed on the 'thank you' screen if the slice is won.

What happens after the game is played?

After the game is played the 'thank you' screen is displayed by default. You can view and edit the 'thank you' screen by clicking here. If you would rather re-direct the user please see the 'actions' tab at the top of the editor.

I would like to send the coupon by e-mail rather than display it

Please see the sending a coupon by email article

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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