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Google analytics connection

If Google analytics is installed on your site, Promolayer automatically sends data when a display is triggered or interacted with. No action needs to be taken to enable this.

Google analytics 4

Data forwarded to Google Analytics

ActionEvent name
Display is shownview
Conversion event (email submission / click)convert
Button or link clickclick
Display is closedclose
Display is opened from teaseropen
A/B test no-display control eventcontrol

Properties: All events have the following properties attached.

Property nameValue
event_categoryDisplay title

event_category: In the case of A/B testing the event_category (Display name) will be {test name}-{display name}. For example if your A/B test is named "Uplift Validation" and your display is named "Blue Background" then it will be listed as Uplift Validation-Blue Background.

Example setup and usage: Checking if a display provided conversion uplift. In this case our example display has the name "My Display"

Create a new audience

From Admin -> Audiences, click the blue 'New audience' button and then click 'Create a custom audience'

Create a new audience

Create a custom audience

Set up the audience definition

First, give the audience a name. I've used "Users who viewed my popup"
Next, Add a new condition "Events -> View"

Add a condition

Click "Add parameter"

Enter event_category in the search field and click "Use arbitrary param"

Selecting a parameter

Enter your display's title, for this example we are using "My Display"

Enter display title

Using the above instructions, you've created an audience of users who have viewed the display called "My Display" and can now use it to generate reports and comparisons.

Create a new report in "Explore"
Select "Free form" from "Explore" on the left side menu.

Report setup

Click the [+] next to Dimensions and import "Audience Name"

Import audience name

Click the [+] next to Metrics and choose "Conversions"

Add conversions

Set up Rows, Columns and Values
Rows: Audience Name
Columns: Device Category (default)
Values: Conversions

You can now see displays VS conversions in the report.

Please note, Google Analytics is exceedingly slow in updating audiences and it may take a full day for the audience you created to appear in this report.

Google analytics 3

Data forwarded to Google Analytics

Event Category: Display Title ( {test title}-{display title} for A/B test, test title- control for control ) Example: A/B test named "Uplift Validation , if the display name is "blue background" then uplift verification - blue background
Event label: interaction
Event actions: view, convert, click, close, open, control

Viewing specific display conversions and data

Go to Ecommerce > Overview page and click “Add segment”

Click "New Segment"

On the conditions tab set the event category and action. Replace "my display" with your display name

Check that two sets of data are displayed simultaneously.

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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