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More integrations (Webhooks)

Promolayer can integrate with over 1,000 services via webhooks.

Google Sheets? Constant contact? Messenger? Telegram? Can do! And thousands more!

The following instructions use a service called We are in no way affiliated with we just like (and use) their service and generous free tier of 1,000 actions free per month.

Alternatives to
Microsoft flow
Zapier (requires paid plan).

Integration guide

Create a free account at

Click [Create a new scenario]

Create a new scenario

Click the plus and add a 'Webhook'

Add a webhook

Select 'Custom webhook'

Custom webhook

Click [Add] to add a webhook. I've named this one 'Promolayer' and save

Add webhook

Copy the webhook and paste it into your displays 'Webhook' field under 'Actions' and save.

Copy the webhook

Paste into Promolayer

Click 'Send test data'

Send test data should now show 'success'


Now your main configuration is done and your display can integrate with any of the thousands of make services.

Click 'Add another module'

Add another module

Click 'Add another module' again

Add another module

Connect to any service you like!

Connect to any service you like!

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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