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A/B test control variants

What is a control variant?

A "Control" variant takes an equal portion of the available views and displays nothing to the end user.

Why would I need a control?

A control variant can be useful when testing the effects of a display on your traffic. Specifically when testing for sales / conversion uplift with vs without a popup. The results of both will be automatically entered into your Google Analytics.

When should I use a control?

- When you are testing display vs display to increase your signup / click rate you do not need a control variant.

- When you want to test popup vs no-popup to gauge the effect of the popup on your site you should enable the control variant.

How do I analyze the results?

Promolayer is Privacy focused and we don't collect any of your store data (including transactions and conversions). As such you need to look to Google Analytics to analyze your results.

Each time a popup (or control) is triggered an event is sent to your Analytics (if installed).

Create a new segment and select 'Conditions' -> 'Event category' -> 'Exactly matches' and you will find your A/B test name followed by the variant name appear in the dropdown.

Create new segment

Continue by creating a new segment for each variant. After that you can visit any portion of Google analytics (such as e-commerce) to see the effect the popup had on your site and conversion rate.

Updated on: 15/09/2022

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