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Page targeting and exclusion (URL)

Promolayer can target specific pages, products, categories etc using URL rules.

Quick usage examples

Be sure to check the correct URLs on your own website and replace the match text in examples as needed.

Show everywhere
Leave all rules blank.

Show on homepage and nowhere else
'Show on these pages'
Match type -> URL Equals
Match text ->

Display everywhere except for cart and checkout
'Don't show on these pages'
Match type -> URL Contains
Match text -> cart

'Don't show on these pages'
Match type -> URL Contains
Match text -> checkout

Please check your own website to find the correct name for your checkout and cart page.

Display for all pages within a certain category
'Show on these pages'
Match type -> URL Starts with
Match text ->

Target a specific Google campaign
'Show on these pages'
Match type -> URL Contains
Match text -> utm_campaign=mycampaign

If you need a specific example that isn't listed here please reach out to us via live chat. We would be happy to add to this list!

Advanced info

Exclusion rules always take precedence over target rules.
Trailing slashes (slashes at the end of URLs) are ignored for targeting, both with or without should work.
URL Equals, Starts with and Ends with match the URL without the search parameters or hash.
URL Contains matches the full URL including search parameters and hash.

Advanced tip: Using the 'contains' match you can target query strings for things like targeting on-site search terms and Google analytics utm terms.

Updated on: 21/05/2022

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