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My display isn't showing (Not working)

Quick solutions

If you are a Wix user, the most common problem is the cookie banner preventing display.
If you've seen the popup once and it won't show again the most common problem is a 'recurrence' setting designed to stop popups from annoying people by displaying too many times. Check the "Should the display show multiple times?" under rules.

Step 1: Check the install by using the preview function.

Click preview
Enter a URL the popup should display on
Select 'Ignore rules'
Click 'Launch preview'

Did the preview work?

No, it didn't show

If the preview didn't show, that means that Promolayer isn't installed correctly.

Please use the install button from the top right.

Yes, the preview works but it's not visible on my live site

Next, check the orange debug window in the preview. It will list the reasons the popup is not visible on your live site.

In the following screenshot we can see a popup for our upcoming app "Asklayer". The debug window shows that the popup will not show due to

"Show on these pages / don't show on these page"
"Browser language is / is not"

These warnings correspond to settings in Promolayer:

I've targeted /mypage/ which doesn't match my current url I'm previewing ( Show on these pages / don't show on these page )
In my settings, I've set the target language to Japanese, so it won't show for my browser which is in English. ( Browser language is / is not )

The example above is specific to our case. By adjusting the settings listed in your warning box you should be able to get your popup displaying.

I've finished the full checklist and it still won't display!

Please use our live chat on the bottom right. Our support agents are standing by to help you 9~5 Japan time. Outside of hours, we will respond via mail as soon as our office opens.

Display not visible
Not showing
Not working
Doesn't work

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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