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Create an email template

Email templates allow you to create an email once and assign it to one or multiple displays.

Variables can be used in the email template to display coupon codes or data received during the form submission such as email and name.

Creating an email template

Navigate to 'Email' on the top bar.

Click [New template] on the top right.

Select the starter template closest to your needs.

Customize the template content using the left side editor bar.

Once saved, it's ready to assign as a follow-up email. You can read more about follow-up emails here

Variables that can be used

The following variables can be used in email templates. Please note the data for this variable must be collected in the form that triggers the follow-up email.

To use the coupon code variable ensure that a coupon code is set up on your display's thank-you screen.

coupon code:{{ coupon | default:''}}
display title {{ display_name | default:''}}
customer name: {{ customer_name | default: ''}}
customer email: {{ customer_email | default: ''}}

Updated on: 16/05/2022

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